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Supply Inventory Sheet

After the conclusion of each swim season, the league holds a meeting to prepare the teams for next season.  The league provides supplies for the teams.  The following Supply Inventory Sheet is to be used in preparation for the meeting and will help the league order the needed supplies.  Please take inventory of your supplies and fill out the sheet.  Have your team representative bring it to the league meeting.  Please print this page and bring the completed hardcopy.
White Event Cards ________________

Blue Event Cards _________________

Triplicate Score Sheets __________

First Place Ribbons ______________

Second Place Ribbons _____________

Third Place Ribbons ______________

Fourth Place Ribbons _____________

Fifth Place Ribbons ______________

Sixth Place Ribbons ______________
Team Name ______________________________________________________________

Next season's team rep contact info ____________________________________
Seventh Place Ribbons ____________

Eighth Place Ribbons _____________

Ninth Place Ribbons ______________

Tenth Place Ribbons ______________

Eleventh Place Ribbons ___________

Twelfth Place Ribbons ____________

Outstanding Swimmer Ribbons ______

Miscellaneous ____________________
Team Name _____________________________

Next season's contact _________________