Tri County Aquatic Swim League Constitution and By-Laws
Revised May 31, 2015


The Tri-County Aquatic League (TCAL) shall endeavor to provide girls and boys with the opportunity
to develop competitive swimming skills in an atmosphere where sportsmanship, team spirit and
integrity are stressed.


1.  The Tri-County Aquatic Swim League is comprised of teams fromÍ; Baltimore, Bexley, Canal
Winchester, Chevington Woods, Granville Stingrays, Groveport, Huntington Hills, Moundbuilders
Country Club, Pataskala, Pickerington Community Pool and Valley View Swim Club.

2. The TCAL Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Immediate Past President,
Secretary/Treasurer, and one representative from each team. The Immediate Past President,
Secretary/Treasurer are non-voting members unless s/he is voting as the team representative.  

3. The offices of President and Secretary/Treasurer shall be a two-year term and shall rotate from
team to team following the order below.             
        2016-2017 Baltimore
        2018-2019 Valley View Swim Club
        2020-2021 Granville Stingrays
        2022-2023 Pickerington Community Pool
        2024-2025 Pataskala
        2026-2027 Moundbuilders Country Club
        2028-2029 Chevington Woods
        2030-2031 Huntington Hills
        2032-2033 Bexley
        2034-2035 Canal Winchester
        2036-2037 Groveport Fighting Fish
4. In the event, a team is unable to fulfill these officer positions for the upcoming term, the team will
approach the Executive Committee no later than the last regularly scheduled league meeting of the
season prior to its term to seek deferment through a trade with another team in the rotation schedule.
All teams must take this responsibility once before the rotation repeats. 

5. In the event, a team is unable to provide a Secretary/Treasurer by the May meeting, another
member of the Executive Committee may volunteer in this role, such that there will be at a minimum
two signing officers for TCAL business. 

6. Monthly meetings of the Executive Committee will be held in March, April, May, June, July and
August,  but additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.

League Membership 
1) Membership into the TCAL shall be initiated by nomination by any league coach or representative
at the final meeting of the prior season, and no later than the first meeting of the current season to
which membership is desired. A majority vote is required for membership inclusion.

2) A league representative from each team is needed at each meeting.  A two-thirds attendance is
required for a meeting to be held.  Each team has one vote.  In case of a tie, the President shall vote
to break the tie.  

3) League Membership Dates/Fees:
        a) League Membership Dues of $150.00 per team is due on or before June 1st.
        b) A team roster of all registered swimmers is due on or before July 1st to the League
        President. A swimmer is considered part of a team once s/he has swum in a TCAL official
        meet and therefore may not be taken off the team's roster. Rosters may be submitted
        electronically or in paper form.  If a team's roster is not on file with the President on time, then
        that team will be fined $25.00.
        c) Swimmer Dues of $5.00 per registered swimmer are due on or before July 1st.  
        d) Championship Swimmer Fees: $5.00 per swimmer attending is due with the 
               championship entries at the league meeting held one week prior to 

4) Each team must provide at least one certified official (ie. USA Swimming, YMCA, OHSAA, NCAA,
FINA, or TCAL) for every dual, tri, and championship meet.


Executive Committee: 
        1) shall approve each season's meet schedule 
        2) shall set dues according to expected expenses of TCAL
        3) shall create committees as needed to serve the organization and fulfill its 
        4) shall provide ribbons for all dual/tri meets    
        5) shall sponsor the championship meet and all costs associated therewith

      1) She/He shall be the chairperson of the Executive Committee by virtue of the 
              office, and shall preside at all the meetings
      2) shall serve a two year term as prescribed in the By-laws
      3) shall endeavor to serve the entire organization in a strictly impartial manner
      4) shall appoint the chairperson of all committees such as but not limited to the 
              Rules Committee and the Scheduling Committee.
      5) shall be a member-at-large of all committees
      6) authorize all bills to be paid by the Treasurer
      7) be familiar with all the rules and regulations of the organization
      8) keep the Executive Committee informed as to official communication concerning the TCAL 
      9) perform other duties incident to the office of President
Secretary//Treasurer : 
      1) shall serve a two year term and be from the same team as the President,  or be another 
              member of the Executive Committee 
      2) in the role of Secretary:  a) shall attend meetings
                                    b) record the proceedings of such  meetings
                                    c) issue notice of meetings 
                                    d) perform other duties from time to time that may be 
      3) in the role of Treasurer:  a) shall receive and deposit, in a bank approved by 
                                    the Executive Committee, all monies of the organization
                                    b) keep an accurate account thereof
                                    c) shall make report of the finances of the organization annually
                                    and whenever so requested by the Executive committee
                                    d) shall make disbursements, subject to such regulation as may be
                                    determined from time to time by the Executive Committee
                                    e) The original bill and/or another document clearly stating what the
                                    expenditure is for must accompany all disbursements
                                    f) at the end of his/her term, she/he shall deliver to his/her
                                    successor all books of account, monies and other property of the
                                    organization in his possession.

Rules Committee: 
       1) shall consist of the league President and 4 officials (no more than 2 from any 
               one team) who hold current certifications from a recognized certifying 
               organization (ie. USA Swimming , YMCA, OHSAA, NCAA, FINA) 
       2) will convene under the direction of the President
       3) shall be responsible for protest resolutions
       4) will provide certification/training opportunities for league officials
       5) update league By-Laws to be current with the governing rule book of USA Swimming and
                Executive Committee exceptions

Scheduling Committee: 
       1) shall create a schedule where each team has 6 dual/tri meets prior to 
       2) shall endeavor to balance home/away meets for each team
       3) shall present a proposed league schedule for the approval of the Executive 
       4) Once schedule has been approved, extra meets may be set up by the 
               individual teams. 

Championship Meet Committee: 
       1) shall consist of the League President, the Meet Director, the Meet Referee(s), 
       the Head official and one coach to be selected by the Executive Committee
       2) shall coordinate the Championship Meet on behalf of the Executive Committee 
       3) select awards for the Championship Meet
       4) report to the Executive Committee
Fiscal Responsibility: 
       1) The fiscal year of the organization shall be from May through May.
       2) The books and financial transactions of the organization shall be audited 
       annually by the Treasurer and two (2) other members from different teams as the
       Treasurer, as appointed by the President
       3) Withdrawals of funds from the organization shall be made by checks, debit card or online bill
       pay, with the original bill and/or another document clearly stating what the expenditure is for
       accompanying all disbursements.

Rules and Regulations:
Rules for the TCAL are governed by the current rules issued by USA swimming with the following

A) The Start i) Swimmers must come to a motionless position after the "Take your 
                mark"  command.  If a swimmer moves or enters the water after the "Take
                your mark" command and before the sound of the start device, as
                observed by the Starter,   the swimmer shall be judged to have committed a 
                false start.

            ii) Upon observing a false start, the Starter will recall all swimmers with the 
                use of an approved recall device, example,  but not limited to, multiple
                tones on the starting box or a recall rope dropped into the water.
           iii) There will be one allowable false start per swimmer per heat.
            iv) In pools with a depth of less than 4.5 feet (or the minimum depth specified by the
                State of Ohio), a water start must be initiated.  Swimmers must start in the water with
                one hand visibly touching the wall prior to the take-off.  In a relay event, the swimmer's
                hand must be visibly touching the wall as the preceding swimmer touches the wall (or
                immediately afterwards) prior to his/her take-off.
B) Backstroke Turn: i) Upon completion of each length, some part of the swimmer must
                       touch the wall.  Once the swimmer has passed the backstroke flags, at the end
                       of the pool where the turn will occur, the swimmer's  shoulders may  be turned
                       past the vertical toward the breast after which  a single arm pull or a 
                       simultaneous  double arm pull may be used to initiate  the turn. After the initiation
                       of the turning action, kicking and gliding are permitted.  The swimmer must have
                       returned to a position on the back upon leaving the wall. 
C) Dual confirmation will be used for false starts and relay take offs when possible. 
       When dual confirmation is used, it must be used for all heats of an event.
D) Mixed relays shall consist of two females and two males.  They can swim in any 
       order and have at least one swimmer that is 15 - 18 years old.

E) Swimming Up in Age Groups:  
       i) Swimmers of a younger age group can swim up in an older age group, within 
       the following parameters;  
               a) relays: there must be at least one swimmer in the correct age group 
               for which the relay is swimming. 
               b) A swimmer may not repeat an event in another age group.  For
               example: a swimmer may swim freestyle events in two age groups  
               providing the two events are of different lengths, ex. 50 yard free in 13-14 
               age group and 100 yard free in 15-18 age group.

F) Eligibility:  
       i) Age grouping for the league will be determined by the age of the child on 
                 or before May 31.
       ii) Exception: age brackets for invitationals will follow this guideline, unless, at the 
                 discretion of the host team, ages are determined by the child's age on the day of 
                 the invitational.
       iii) Swimmers may compete up to and including the age of 18, as long as they have not 
                 competed on a college swim team.

G) League Meets: 
        i) The home team will provide workers for all "critical jobs" in running a meet, 
                 including a starter, meet referee, head timer, head scorer and an announcer.
       ii) All teams in a meet should provide an official and one scorer.
      iii) The home team will supply 2 timers per lane, away team 1 timer per lane.
       iv) Weekday meets start at 5:30 p.m. and Saturday meets start at 8:00 a.m. 
                 unless otherwise determined by the coaches participating in the meet.  
        v) In dual meets, swimmers are allowed to be entered in a maximum of three 
                 individual events and two relays. In triangular meets each swimmer may swim
                 two events no matter how many heats it creates,  unless all coaches agree to 3
                 individual  events. 
       vi) Ribbons will be provided by the TCAL Executive Committee for league meets.  
      vii) The home team is responsible for distributing first through twelfth place 
                 ribbons to individuals, and first through twelfth place ribbons in relays.
       vi) Participation and outstanding swimmer ribbons will be distributed at the
                  discretion of each team.
     viii) Scoring: 
                 Individual Events: Dual meet: 5, 3, 2, 1
                 Individual Events: Tri meet: 7, 5, 4,  3, 2, 1
                 Relay Events: Dual meet: 7, 4
                 Relay Events: Tri Meet: 7, 4, 1
       ix) Tri meets may be scored as a double dual meet out of curiosity by the participating teams 
                 but official results and ribbons are to be awarded as above stipulated as a tri meet.      
       x)  A swimmer will not be disqualified for wearing additional swim attire for health or modesty 
                 reasons as long as the item does not enhance the swimmer's time.
       xi) The swimmer's given name shall be used for swim entries, bullpen, heat sheets, and official 
                 TCAL records. 
H) Cancelling a Meet: 
       1) Due to the difficulty in rescheduling meets, the cancellation of a meet should 
                 be considered very carefully.
       2) In the event of inclement weather, just prior to the start of the meet, and initiated by the host 
                 team's meet director, the teams participating in the meet, by mutual consent and subject 
                 to the host pool's rules,  may choose from one of the following options: 
                      a) delay the start of the meet, if it is perceived that the inclement weather 
                      will pass shortly
                      b) cancel the meet on the scheduled day with the intent of making it up at 
                      some later date.
                      c) cancel the meet in its entirety.
                      ii) If the teams cancel the meet prior to arrival at the host team's
                      pool, then no credit toward the required  three (3) meet rule in the 
                      Championship Meet will be given.  
                      iii) If teams do show up at the host team's pool and the meet is
                      canceled and not made up, credit for those swimmers who showed 
                      up will count toward the three (3) required meets. 
       3) After the start of the meet, it is the responsibility of the meet referee, upon 
               consultation with all coaches to determine if the meet should  continue in the 
               event of darkness/inclement weather.
       4) Considerations for these decisions should include the safety of the 
               swimmers foremost and the fairness of continuing the meet to the swimmers. 
       5) In the event that a team cancels a meet (if hosting) or decides they will not be
               attending a  meet (as visitors) unexpectedly or for an inappropriate reason, no 
               credit will be given to that team toward the required three (3) meet rule  for the 
               Championship meet.  This meet will count as a forfeit for that team. However, 
               the  opposing team will be given credit for that meet  toward the Championship 
               meet by swimming  against themselves or arranging a meet with  another team 
               on that same date.  Inappropriate reasons to be determined by the League 
       6) In the event of a cancellation,  heat sheets should be sent to the President by the home 
I) Rules for the Championship Meet:
        i) Championships will be held at the pool chosen by the Executive Committee at 
               the final meeting of the prior season and no later than the first meeting of the 
               current season. 
       ii) Each swimmer may swim a maximum of 2 individual events plus 2 relays. 
      iii) Teams with a season roster of 50 or less swimmers will have the option to have swimmers 
               entered in 3 individual events plus 1 relay 
       iv) The entry cut-off date is the league meeting one week prior to Championships.
        v) Under no circumstances will any entries be accepted later than 4 days prior to the meet,  
               unless approved by a majority vote of the Championship Meet committee.  All late 
               entries approved by this committee will be assessed a $50.00 fine.  
       vi) Swimmers must swim in at least three league meets to qualify for the Championship meet.  
               One of these three meets may be a league sanctioned "closed" Invitational meet. A 
               meet, at a location, where more than 2 teams are present still only counts as one 
               qualifying meet towards the championship eligibility.
      vii) Each swimmer must have swum in at least one league meet in each event to which they 
               are entered.  "No-times" will not be allowed to be entered.  This rule may be waived for 
               the 8- under age group
     viii) Times used for seeding must be from TCAL meets, or 
               from a league sanctioned "closed" Invitational.
       ix) If a swimmer is entered in more events than is allowed, the first sequential events for that 
               swimmer will be allowed, and any events after that will be scratched.
        x) Awards will be selected by the Meet Committee.  Heat ribbons will be awarded for the 10 
               and under age group swimmers. 
       xi) Scoring for the Championship meet: 
               a) Individual Events (8 places):  9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
               b) Relay Events (8 places): 18, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2
               c) Each team may score once per relay.
               d) Scoring team does not need to be designated in advance.
               e) Awards will be awarded as placed.

J)Score Sheets: 
       i) All scoring will be done using Hy-Tek Meet Manager.  
      ii) Each team participating in that meet will receive either a hard copy or a soft 
                copy of the meet
     iii) All hard copies must be signed by the coaches and the meet referee.
      iv) It is the responsibility of the home team to submit one copy to the League President within a 
                week of the meet.
       v) Heat sheets should be turned in even if the meet was cancelled so that the swimmers can 
                receive credit for the meet
      vi) Soft copies of the meet should be in PDF, word or excel format, unless requested in Hy-Tek
                 format by a coach.  Copies sent to the League President Must be in PDF format. 
      i) written protest must be submitted to the President of the Executive Committee,
                 the Secretary and opposing coach stating the protest within 48 hours of the meet. 
      ii) The Rules Committee will be responsible for all protest resolutions.
L) Amendments: 
      i) A proposal to amend these By-Laws may be initiated at any official meeting of the Executive 
      ii) The proposed amendment(s) must then be presented and approved by a vote 
                at the next meeting of the Executive Committee.